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What is the Russian bath? For a person who has never been there, it is associated with a room made of wood with a high temperature, where people hit each other with brooms until losing consciousness. For a man who understands — Bath — is a source of physical and mental balance, where the wood, temperature and whisk itself must be correct. And the right broom begins with choosing the right tree.
Each broom has a period when it should be laid in. A birch broom is harvested after Pentecost in early June, oak — in July.

What does a bath give us? It is here where we can ensure that our blood is in any point of the body, and increase immunity. The bath gives us a feeling of complete relaxation, both physical and emotional. With the help of the bath, unnecessary and harmful substances such as salts, toxins, and destroyed cellular debris are evaporated, so that our skin and body are cleansed. Furthermore, the bath reduces the fat in the cells, fighting an excess weight. After the bath it is recommended to plunge into the cold water. Not warm or cool, but in the cold. It has also a positive effect on the whole organism, increasing its resistance to illnesses.

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bath courtyard

Bath complex «RiverSide» - is a modern wellness techniques, combined with the best traditions of Russian baths

On campus you expect:

-2 Russian bath with wood.

-outdoor swimming pool.

-Serving dishes from the chef of the club restaurant (customized).


Kaliningrad, ul. Yaltanskaya, 20A


 +7 (4012) 99-15-99



+48 58 333 10 53 (PL)

+48 536 309 357 (PL)

+7 981 467 41 33 (RUS)


Podbielańska 18 (Entrance from Korzenna st.) Gdańsk Poland

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Russian banya/sauna kaliningrad

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