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Beach resorts are the trademark of the Kaliningrad region. They acquired their great reputation thanks to the magnificent coastline, stretching for almost 150 km – from the Curonian Spit to the Baltic Spit. Every part of the Kaliningrad seaside is unique and unmatched in its own way. We will start our journey with the Curonian Spit National Park. We will walk along its beaches and then will head to the north of the peninsula Sambia to walk along the promenades of resort towns Zelenogradsk and Svetlogorsk. Then we will head to the south, to the coastline of the town Yantarny, where people collect amber and catch favourable winds on surf boards and sailing yachts. Lastly, we will come to the wide beaches of Baltiysk and the Baltic Spit, half-wild nature of which will leave you in amazement.

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1. Curonian Spit


The Curonian Spit presents a variety of landscapes: sand dunes, coniferous forests and pine groves. From one side the Spit is washed by the Baltic Sea, from the other by the Curonian Lagoon. The beaches stretching along the Spit have clear fine crystal sand. The sand grains’ structure and size are so peculiar, that when you step on the sand it gives a distinctive whistle, which is the reason why the sand here is called ‘singing sand’.

You can rest and swim on these sea beaches near the settlements




On the holiday camp Dunes on the 7th, 14th and 42nd km marks

There is a promenade with cafes on the beach in the settlement Lesnoy. There are many guest houses, holiday camps and hotels, as well as small shops where you can buy fresh or smoked fish.

The nearest sights are the King’s pine forest (4.5 km) and the museum complex Curonian Spit National Park (3 km). The settlement Rybachy has beautiful wide beaches. The road there runs through a pine forest. You can rent a water scooter at the Altrimo Hotel. The nearest sights are the Muller’s Height (2 km) and the Dancing Forest (4 km).

The settlement Morskoe is the farthest settlement in the Russian part of the Curonian Spit.

There is one of the highest dunes in Europe not far from the Morskoe settlement - dune Orekhovaya (Petsch). Its peak (64 m) was called Epha’s Height in honour of forester Franz Epha whostudied dunes and dedicated his research to finding the ways of stopping them from moving. From the viewing platforms you can enjoy all the beauty of the Curonian Spit landscapes: sea, lagoon, open white dunes, moving sands, forests, and cozy houses in the settlement Morskoe. There is a splendid beach near the lagoon where water warms up to 27°С in summer. The nearest sights are the Epha’s Height (2 km) and Lake Lebed (2 km).

2. Zelenogradsk


In this resort town you can walk along the beautiful esplanade, the town’s promenade with an extended beach and a large park, which merges with the pine forest outside the town. The beach is covered with fine bleached sand, changing to sea coast dunes. The bottom terrain of the sea at the coastline is flat and even. There is a pump room at the promenade, where everybody can satisfy their thirst with a cup of healing table water ‘Zelenogradskaya’. The town’s beach runs along the promenade.

The trademark of the beach resort in Zelenogradsk is the so-called ‘skovorodka’ (‘frying pan’) – a beach, closed from the wind from the sea side by the dunes. Initially, the local residents considered the ‘skovorodka’ as a perfect place for sunbathing and outdoor games, but recently it has become the venue for the beach volleyball world cup (July-August) and open air festival of electronic music Amber Beach (August).

3. Pionersky


Pionersky is situated on a high 30-metre coast, where there opens a magnificent view of the Baltic coastline. There is the longest sea promenade in the Kaliningrad region (about 2 km). From the beach you can get to the settlement Zaostrovye, adjoining Pionersky. The governmental residence of the Russian Federation has recently been built here. A yacht marina and tourist recreational complex, Prussian village, are planned to be built in the future. Fans of volleyball and outdoor games will appreciate the size of the local beach. One of the sights of the town is the Stone of Lies – a gigantic stone, cracked into two uneven pieces. It is situated on the coast of the river Chistaya near the railway line of Pionersky-Svetlogorsk. It is said that a liar will not be able to pass between the two cracked parts

4. Svetlogorsk


The town is situated on a high bold coast. Seven slopes and a ropeway lead to the sea. The beach in Svetlogorsk is not homogeneous, as sand and pebble interchange with each other. When the weather is hot the beach is quite crowded on weekends, as it is probably the most popular beach resort in the Kaliningrad region. The water here is clean and clear. Sometimes seaweed washes ashore – they actively produce iodine in the sun, which is well assimilated by the human organism and is good for the thyroid. The water temperature of the sea in Svetlogorsk is always 0.5-1°С lower than in Zelenogradsk due to deeper water and the different direction of the stream. Three of the seven slopes lead to the town’s promenade, where cafes, bars, outdoor and indoor restaurants are open from spring to autumn.

At night, open air discos are held for the residents and guests of Svetlogorsk. Here you can also rent a water scooter. During the hottest hours (from 12.00 to 16.00), when sunbathing is not recommended, you can take a ride on a bicycle or roller skate around the town, you can rent them in the centre of the town.

5. Yantarny


The widest beach of the Kaliningrad region coastline is located in a small and cozy town called Yantarny. The town is well landscaped and boasts a great number of active leisure possibilities. The beach is equipped with sunloungers and straw umbrellas. You can rest and have a drink or meal in a nearby restaurant-bungalow, built in the form of a Roman galley. There is a sports venue on the beach, where regional and international competitions of beach football and volleyball have taken place for several years now. Moreover, this part of the seaside is very popular among local surfers due to constant winds.

We also recommend you to rent a bicycle in the centre of the town and ride to Lake Sinyavino, which represents a flooded quarry 30 m deep. A forest, narrow-gauge railway, and certain technical constructions were left underwater. Under the guidance of local diving clubs, you can make a test dive or go for an underwater trip.

You can collect amber just by walking on the beach!

6. Baltiysk


Baltiysk is the westernmost town in Russia. There is a big seaport and ferry terminal. There are also two beaches in the town. The first one spreads along the monument to Catherine the Great. It is wide and with an even bottom, but it is also very deep at the coast. If you are not fond of hot weather, then this place will definitely suit you, as you can go to grassy meadows from the beach, covered with trees and bushes, and hide from the heat. The second beach is situated on the territory of the tourist complex Baltic Seaside, where you can walk along the promenade made of the unique Siberian larch, have a refreshing cocktail at one of the numerous cafes or have fun in one of the open air parties, which are very popular in summer. Fans of untouched nature can visit the Baltic Spit by ferry, which departs from the town’s quay at the monument to Peter the Great. The Baltic Spit is a place with marvelous nature, which is as magnificent as its elder sister, the Curonian Spit. Most of the plants here are included in the Red List. The width of the beaches with soft fine sand reaches 30-40 m.

Fans of untouched nature can visit the Baltic Spit by ferry, which departs from the town’s quay  at the monument to Peter the Great.

The Baltic Spit is a place with marvelous nature, which is as magnificent as its elder sister, the Curonian Spit. Most of the plants here are included in the Red List. The width of the beaches with soft fine sand reaches 30-40 m.



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