Assistance in obtaining a Visa Electron


All those who postponed his trip to Russia from - for lack of visas, are now welcome to the Kaliningrad region! 

Since July 2019, tourists from 53 countries will be able to obtain a free electronic visa in the westernmost enclave of Russia. Electronic visa in Kaliningrad is a great opportunity to learn about the culture and history of this country, to visit the National Park and see the major monuments of the Russian enclave.

How do I get E-visa


Application for E-visa you must complete an online on website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the

Russian Federation: 


Do not forget to attach a file with photos.


The application may be filed not earlier than 20 and no later than 4 days before the proposed date of entry into Russia.

What's next?

Expect a reply within four days;

Receive notification of the issuance of e-visas on the website or by e-mail;

Print the notice or save it in electronic form;

Show a notification employee of the transport company;

Show a notification of border officials at the border crossing.

Electronic visa free of charge. reservation confirmation or invitation in the hotel is required.

How to apply

A lot of tourists experience difficulties while border crossing due to incorrect data in Visa application. Errors and types are detected directly at checkpoint and become the reason for refusal of entry into Russia. To avoid confusion on the State Border, you can apply for e-visa with the help of the company «CAI Maverik». The cost of the service is 25 euro.

So, what should you do?

-send us the scanned documents,

-pay 25 euro

-obtain e-visa.

The Agency employee fills out an application form for you - It saves your time for preparing for a trip to Kaliningrad without any hassle. You can also book an exciting excursion at our website. We offer unusual tours to The Kaliningrad Region, so that guests of the city could get acquainted with Kaliningrad in an accessible form and visit the most interesting sights of the city.

To send us the documents for application, please use the form below. You can ask any question by phone:

If you have any problems with E-visa our consultant will help.

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E-visa is issued in a period of not more than 4 calendar day. 

Just fill out application on the site. It's for free !

Is a link here how to do step by step IT -


If you have any problems with E-visa our consultant will help.